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Our primary focus is to consistently deliver uniquely personalised compounded formulations at the best quality and the lowest price for our customers specific needs. We carry this out in our on-site state of the art facilities.

Compounding is not new, it is a lost art that is now finding renewed interest and popularity from Doctors, Veterinarians and Patients alike due to the benefits in efficacy. Compounding offers a wide range of solutions to a broad cross section of people and animals.

5 years ago we built our first facility
David Wilson’s interest in compounding was stimulated by enquiries from a number of female customers who had found it difficult to readily access bio-identical hormone treatments (BHRT) to balance their natural hormone requirements. David made some enquiries and believed he could help resolve the situation for his customers.

Through enquiries with the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA), a peak organisation dedicated to the highest professional standards of information, guidance and training in compounding, the decision was made to offer the compounding service to David Wilson customers and patients of doctors. Not a small venture, it required significant investment and training.

The result is a dedicated on-site facility, furnished with the latest, state of the art equipment and dedicated professional staff with a commitment to ongoing training and knowledge of formulae delivery techniques as well as industry developments and initiatives.

Our compounding facility not only offers Bio-identical hormone treatments but a vast array of formulations in varying forms to cater for both Womens and Mens Health, Paediatrics, Pain Management, Dermatology and Veterinary applications.

At David Wilson Compounding Chemist (a department of David Wilson Discount Chemist ) we look forward to working with you and your Doctors to produce formulations uniquely personalised for you. We do not compromise on our base products, quality or dedication formulated within our on-site facilities.

We now have on site facilities at Campbelltown and Bondi Junction, NSW with the ability to service customers Australia wide.





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