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At David Wilson’s Compounding Chemist we utilise the latest technology and equipment to better service our customers.

Our Training- Highest Quality through a peak organisation
The PCCA or the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia provide a high level of professional training advice and guidance. PCCA is a subsidiary of PCCA in the United States of America which is an organisation that has been associated with compounding for many years.

PCCA run training courses for pharmacists and technicians in Australia and also provide equipment and chemicals to assist the compounding pharmacist in preparing the required prescription. 

Why David Wilson Compounding Chemist?
All our hormone preparations are compounded in a specially designed negative air flow hood to ensure that none of the active ingredients can escape into the environment.

  • Our creams are manufactured in a specially designed ointment mill with the benefit that active ingredients are completely reduced to a minimum size and accurately dispersed throughout the cream. Supplied in an unique container, this enables the patient to accurately apply very small quantities to the skin.
  • We have a capsule filler machine ensuring every capsule contains exactly the prescribed strength of medication, packed at the right density so that there is consistent absorption of the active ingredients in the gut.
  • Using the latest software from the USA, we retain a record of the method of compounding, and the ingredients used. Your original prescription and all repeats are prepared in exactly the same way. This ensures that you get the same prescription result each time.
  • Our Compounding Pharmacists are available everyday in the pharmacy and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you in person or, if more convenient please phone on the numbers found in our contact us section.




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