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David Wilson Discount Chemist in conjunction with a Federal Government initiative is offering eligible* patients the opportunity to receive a FREE Cholesterol Test. This test needs no fasting. Coupled with this test is a FREE Diabetes MedsCheck. The Diabetes MedsCheck is a private consultation with one of our professional Pharmacists aiming to achieve the following goals:

• achieve a better understanding of your overall health issues
• learn how prescribed medications and adherence help with your medical condition
• discuss individual medical factors and medications that maybe impacting your health
• achieve better health and an overall approach to life with less medical intervention

Along with these extensive FREE Services, you may also qualify for a FREE Glucometer.

What are the Diabetes Medscheck and Medscheck Consultations
Diabetes MedsCheck and MedsCheck services are a review of a patient’s medication regime by one of our Pharmacists and will focus on the patients education and self-management. The aim is to understand patients medical history, identify chronic conditions, gain better adherence to prescribed medicines, address concerns and inturn reduce the occurence of unhelpful or adverse medication reactions.

Diabetes MedsCheck is designed for patients who have recently diagnosed or poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, and are unable to gain timely access to a diabetes educator or health service. We will also provide guidance on correct use of your monitoring devices, insulin pens and glucometers.

MedsCheck is geared to patients who are taking multiple medications (5+), or have had a recent medical event or diagnosis that may increase the risk of medication misadventure.

In both the Diabetes Medscheck and Medscheck Consultation, the Pharmacist will aim to detect any problems the patient may be having with their medications; help increase their knowledge about the use, storage and actions of their medications; and improve effective use of their medications. We will develop a personalised action plan for you and even communicate with other healthcare professionals/providers to arrange follow ups as required.

Please click here to Download a Consultation Form to fillout and Fax, email or bring in to us. We will then be in contact with you to confirm your consultation. OR conveniently fillout our online form below, filling in all details as requested. We will contact you to confirm your consultation time.
Please note, this FREE service is available to patients meeting the criteria listed below.

*To be eligible for these Free services you must comply with the below criteria

To be eligible for a Diabetes MedsCheck Consultation a consumer must:
• not have received a MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, HMR or RMMR in the last 12 months;
• hold a current Medicare or DVA card;
• live at home in a community setting;
• have been diagnosed with diabetes in the last 12 months; or 
• whose type 2 diabetes is less than ideally controlled; and
• have an inability to access an existing diabetes education/health service in their community in a timely manner.

To be eligible for a MedsCheck Consultation a consumer must:
not have received a MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, Home Medicine Review (HMR) or Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) in the last 12 months;
• hold a current Medicare or DVA card;
• live at home in a community setting;
• regularly take five or more prescription medicines; or
• have had a recent significant medical event and is regularly taking one or more prescription medicines.

One MedsCheck Consultation can be conducted per eligible consumer in a 12 month period.




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