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For the next two weeks(ends 20th December) we have half price Vitamins.

Take advantage of the massive savings and help get your body ready for summer and the festive season.

With christmas fast approaching  and with Australians finishing the school year or readying for a break from work we turn to the season that provides of great tasting food and drink, which we can tend to over indulge in.

 So how can we eat better at Christmas?

You may already have a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables and limited your sugar and sal but, it’s useful to have a plan of attack in festive periods of the year, renowned for dietary excess. So below are 10 tips to help you during this period.

1. Plan your drinks
Alcohol contains a lot of kilojoules so set yourself an intake limit before arriving at a function. Alternate hard and soft drinks and use water in between alcoholic drinks. To keep your sugar intake down, switch sugar sweetened drinks for diet options, or better still, water.

2. Eat before the party
Especially before going to a function offering cocktail food. The temptation to consume too many tempting morsels can be hard to resist!

3. Have a platter strategy
Graze from a platter, go for the vegetable sticks in preference to crackers, and choose hummus and vegetable based dips.
If cheese is your thing, focus on quality rather than quantity, and consciously cut thin slices. Cheese is high in kilojoules.

4. Two courses is plenty
There’s no need to miss out on delicious meals when eating at a restaurant.
Instead have two entrees or main and salad or main and desert.

5. Focus on lean protein plus vegetables
Instead of carbohydrate-heavy pasta, pizza and rice-based dishes, select main meals that include lean protein foods, and salads or vegetables.
Burgers are often a good source of protein, and you could just eat one half of the bun if it’s a large serving size.

6. Pick raw and steamed side dishes
Choose steamed vegetables or salads if you order side dishes and not fried chips, wedges or mashed potatoes. So load half your plate with a rainbow of vegetables and/or salads and get munching.

7. Know your weakness!
Most of us have a soft spot for something sweet or salty. Admitting this is important! Whatever your weakness, it might be best to not eat any at all, as stopping after you have had some may be harder than resisting altogether.

8. Avoid the sausage
Sausages and other processed meats contain saturated fats, salt and preservatives, and high intake is linked with elevated risk of bowel cancers. At BBQs, switch sausages for hamburgers made using lean mince, or lean meat skewers.

9. Dessert is OK, but be smart
If you fancy dessert, offer to share with someone, or look for fruit-based options. Added sugars in foods are a source of “empty kilojoules”, meaning they give our body minimal nutrients

10. Snacks - Watch it
Be conscious of the number and type of snacks you consume between meals, as it’s easy to lose track.
Instead, make the most of delicious and seasonal summer stone fruits, cherries and berries. Keep it simple

If you can’t face a 10-step approach, keep it simple this summer. Think about the three junk foods or drinks you are most partial to, and halve the amount you consume. And while you’re at it, double your vegetable and salad habit.
To read more information from the source article from "the conversation" click on this link.

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Complete Medical Centre is now part of our Campbelltown building

Complete Medical Centre has moved in and already helping the community. CMC can service patients even better and we will be able to liase directly with doctors when it is needed to really offer a complete health and wellness service for the whole family.
Complete Medical Centre offers

• Better facilities & greater convenience
• Convenient Location • Ample Parking and Public transport
• Chemist open 7 Days and 7 nights 8.00am to 10.00pm
• Dietician available • New patients welcome
• Walk in appointments available • Female doctors
• GPA accredited practice • Pathology collection onsite


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