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Increasing compliance can be as easy as changing the dosage form

Patients can have difficulty in taking medicines in its commercially available forms. Also, carers of children or the elderly may also find the need to find a more acceptable method of medication delivery to achieve compliance

Some patients may also be allergic to preservatives or dyes, have difficulty swallowing, or cannot tolerate the taste or odour of some medications. 

David Wilson Compounding Chemist is able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations through one of the following dosage forms: 

• Capsules • Troches • Creams, Ointments & Lotions • Gels - Topical or Oral • Lip Balms 

• Oral Suspensions • Original Formulations Reformulated • Paediatric Formulations 

• Sugar-free Formulations • Suppositories • Pessaries • Modified Release Capsules 

• Topical Powders • Nasal sprays and instillations • Vaginal Creams • Veterinary Formulations 

Talk to your Physician about what form may be the most beneficial to you and your situation!




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