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Compounded medications can help to achieve better health outcomes

Quite a number of the proprietary brands have been taken off the market by the multi-national drug manufacturers and in many cases the replacement preparations that are available are unsuitable for some patients. For other patients, compliance is a key factor in efficacy of a course of treatment, especially in paediatric and geriatric medicines.

The easier the form of dosage the greater the opportunity for complete compliance. David Wilson Compounding Chemist prepares medicines in a vast array of dosage forms as well as great tasting flavours. Once supplied with instruction from your Physician via a prescription, we can customise the strength of medications to make it more convenient for patients to take and carers to dispense, hence improving compliance.

One of the benefits of growth in compounding worldwide is that there has been a much greater emphasis on technology and efficiency of equipment. For example, our ointment mill is capable of grinding down, in a gentle and controlled way, the particle size of an active ingredient which results in a very smooth, non-gritty cream or ointment. As the particle size is so small, absorption rates and hence efficacy is enhanced - a great benefit to patients, carers and Doctors.

Some of the benefits of compounded medications includes:
The avoidance of use of dyes, preservative and fillers; creation of more palatable liquid medications; easily administered dosage forms; reduced risk or avoidance of side effects; the dose and its dosage form can be manipulated to achieve better results; recreation of medications no longer commercially available; combining medications into a single dose to achieve compliance; sustained release formulations

Compounding is a cost effective means of therapy for Patients
There are many more, plus developing benefits that the Compounding Chemist delivers. Patients now have a wide choice of personalised treatments. 




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