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Pet owners, want pets to receive the highest-quality veterinary care and compounding can help.

As a pet owner, you would like your pet to receive treatment as sophisticated and delivered as compassionately as you might receive yourself. Veterinarians understand this and realise that pet owners are very knowledgeable and insist on a high level of care for their animals, who are often, considered a member of the family.

The compounding pharmacy is fast becoming a popular solution to veterinary problems. Animals often suffer variations of the same human medical conditions and diseases, so, a compounding pharmacy is ideally suited to produce customised formulations to deal with symptoms and illnesses in animals also. Simple issues like skin rashes through to heart conditions or cancer can all be treated with an individual formulation.

Compounding provides a Solution
Medicating pets presents a range of unique problems that often are best dealt with through compounding. As any pet owner is aware, animals can be extremely difficult patients and tend to revile from treatment with medications. Cats are notorious for refusing to swallow pills, even when disguised. What about Dogs? Different breeds, some with inherent medical conditions, are so diverse in size and shape. Not to mention birds, horses and the myriad of other pets we have.
A compounding pharmacist is equipped with the know how and facilities to help all pets great and small

Compounding offers all the benefits to animals as it does to humans.
Some of these include:

  • Flavored Medicine formulations
  • Individual Dosage Strengths
  • Various dosage forms
  • Matching commercially unavailable formulations

Depending on their experience, your veterinarian may not be aware of how compounding may help. So you may wish to suggest to them that by working closely with a compounding pharmacist together you can all improve the health and happiness of your pet.




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